Welcome to Our Community

aerial view of town

We’re a close-knit community of 450 in the heart of America’s heartland. Together, we’re shaping the town we love — from celebrations that bring us together to our school and community projects that bring out our best.

We’re a community — we care about each other and about our future. Support is always close by, from fundraisers in our new Legion Hall to neighbors helping neighbors to volunteering with our kids and seniors. Bird City sits along US Highway 36 in Northwest Kansas, 17 miles south of Nebraska and 28 miles east of Colorado.

We’ve got a little bit of everything. Our grocery store helps us keep fresh food on the table. Big Ed’s serves the best steak in the midwest. Our free town gym and pool keep us healthy. Our town daycare watches our little ones. And our thrift store is always full of surprises.

Our school is the center of our community. Many of us volunteer to support our kids along with our incredible educators and coaches. Our kids are on the move at school, in sports and with community projects — and are passionate about our town and the world they want to live in.

Our Bird City Century II Development Foundation quietly serves the community in countless ways. Together, we’ve built a free nursery school and fitness center, created a business incubator space, supported our seniors, partnered with our local grocer and much more.


Join Our Community

We’re a small town in the heart of the heartland — and we need your help. We’re looking for hard-working, good-hearted people to join our community and call Bird City home.

While we honor our heritage of working the land, we’re also looking for insights and ideas that can take us beyond the farm. Photographers, financial advisors, teachers, entrepreneurs and nurses work alongside us and enrich the community.

We welcome diverse people and professionals who have heart — who care about their neighbors, who aren’t afraid of an honest day’s work and who are eager to help build a better Bird City.

Join us — and celebrate the big-hearted way of life we live every day in the heart of the heartland™.


Recent Projects

We are a town on the move — creating a community that supports our residents and businesses. Highlights of our collaborations with our Bird City Century II Development Foundation, local business and more include:

New Daycare Center: Seeing a need for child care in the community, the Bird City Century II Development Foundation built a new daycare facility to the east of the Cheylin Wellness Center. The Cougar Cub Daycare is a nonprofit licensed for up to 12 children and is now serving our families with young children.

New wellness center. A long-held goal of our community, the Cheylin Wellness Center opened its doors in 2013 as a free gym and fitness center. A dedicated group of individuals created the plans and led the project as a collaboration between the town and school.

New Senior Housing. Bird City Senior Estates, consisting of 2-duplexes, was built in 2012 by an area developer when hearing that Bird City was in need of senior housing.

Business incubator space. The Robertson-Griffin-Bacon Memorial Building is now a business incubator building located in downtown Bird City. Formerly the Security State Bank building, the Bird City Century II Development Foundation purchased and renovated this building in 2011 in memory of its donors.

New business space. To attract businesses to Bird City, the old Prairie Land Electric Building was purchased in 2014, gutted and fitted to address modern business needs.

Community space. The American Legion Hall was gifted to the Bird City Century II Development Foundation in 2011 and underwent a major renovation in 2012. The American Legion Hall is available for weddings, funerals, auctions, meetings and community events. An earlier addition to the Hall in 2006 created space for the Foundation offices.

New housing: With approval and funding from the State of Kansas, two two-single family homes and two duplex apartments (a total of six new homes) were built. Construction began in October 2009 and tenants moved in the following August.

Supporting our grocery store. Since 2009, Hometown Market has expanded its produce, freezer and beverage sections with new coolers and updated lighting. New flooring, windows and doors were replaced in 2014-2015.

Job creation. Bird City Dairy, owned by McCarty Family Farms, was recruited to Bird City in 2007. The 1,800 head dairy initially created 20 jobs and we welcomed more than 20 children to the Cheylin School District. The dairy expanded in 2011 and today houses 3,200 cows, employs over 30 people and ships milk to a processing facility in Rexford, KS, owned by McCarty Family Farms, and supplies condensed milk to a Dannon yogurt plant in Texas. Learn more at mccartyfamilyfarms.com.

Town sign. Starting in 2008, the town landscaped the entrance to Bird City with a new sign and flagpoles and added brick reinforcements in 2015.

Park renovations. Our City Park was renovated in its entirety over a two year period between 2005-2007. Community members participated and continue to make ongoing improvements.

Upgrading water lines. Bird City is replacing all water meters and water lines throughout the town.

Improved sewage treatment. The City of Bird City completed a new sewer lagoon system in 2008 to better serve the town.