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Welcome to Bird City, Kansas…the only Bird City in America!
Founded in 1885 and named after Benjamin Bird, a cattleman, the community of 450 residents is centered around agriculture. This small yet active community is dedicated to making all those who enter feel at home, and hope you enjoy your virtual walk through our community website so much that you will want to visit in person.

Bird City is home to Cheylin, a K-12 school district, which receives awards each year for its academic standards. The students at Cheylin earn high academic honors, and enjoy sports and extracurricular activities of all kinds.  Cheylin has a great Preschool Program located within the elementary school building as well.  Across the street from the elementary building is the Cougar Cub Daycare; convenient access for working parents.

The high work ethic of residents in the Bird City community, pooled with creative ideas and resources, make Bird City a can-do community. We encourage you to visit Bird City, and what you will find is a small community with friendly next door neighbors, great schools, and endless opportunities to make a life here. Welcome to Bird City!

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